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Smugglers Cove is the home of the crafty and cunning Moonshadow Gang whose infamous exploits challenge the King’s Customs Men on a mini golf adventure.  Meet Ruby and Cap’n Ed in their own new mini-animations.

Colouring Sheets

Keep mini-smugglers busy and download your character colouring sheets now.

Moonshadow Gang Colouring Sheet

Ruby Colouring Sheet

Ballad of Ruby

The Ballard of Ruby Place Holder

Ruby’s as fearless as they come,

brave and determined but full of fun.

Hiding sugar and grog and all kinds of great loot,

so good are her skills, she thinks it’s a hoot.

She works for the Moonshadow Gang and the town,

in the tavern the King’s men their sorrows do drown.

Her reputation makes them start to shiver and shake,

she could easily throw them all in the lake!

Ballad of Cap’n Ed

Cap’n Ed is the leader of the Moonshadow Gang and owns the local Tavern.

With a trick up his sleeve, he’s usually up to no good,

but his schemes always get him in trouble!

The Moonshadow Gang keep him out of hot water

and away from those pesky King’s men.

With his shining golf tooth and his cheeky grin,

he’s a favourite of all the town’s people.


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